Detroit Youth Choir Rebranded A City


by Donna Robertson

The word "Detroit" produces many different perceptions in the minds of people - some negative, but the Detroit Youth Choir is reshaping perceptions of Detroiters.

DYC shined on the America's Got Talent stage, sending a strong message that Detroit is a great city, with great talent and supporters who know how to stand united.

Detroiters sat glued to our screens for weeks - blown away by the choir's immense talent and explosive performances as we watched them compete for a million dollar prize.

We cheered on their outstanding performances, voted 10 times each for them to win, propelled them through every semi-final round, and watched the Detroit skyline light up in support and appreciation of DYC's  stellar representation of our city.

DYC showed the world that they are something special. Not just a choir that pours their heart and soul into each performance, but a rare jewel. A group with some of the most amazing youth on planet earth. 

Detroiters experienced sheer excitement as we watched DYC take center stage and reach for the stars. Their stories of determination touched us and drove us to tears. Their talents, energy, and enthusiasm drove us to cheers.

While the prize may have gone to the opponent, we know that this is just the beginning for DYC.

We know that their talent and determination will cause them to continue to rise and soar.

The same qualities that earned them the Golden Buzzer on AGT are the qualities that will cause DYC to remain unstoppable.

Lupus Detroit Walk Draws Hundreds to New Center Park

DETROIT - Hundreds of supporters turned out today for Lupus Detroit's 7th Annual Walk for Warriors at New Center Park.

Supporters from near and far showed up to walk and raise awareness.

The fundraising goal this year was $50K to continue support for individuals diagnosed with the autoimmune disease.

Rhonda Robertson participated in this year's walk and says she felt positively impacted. "This is  my first time walking for a cause", said Robertson. "This has made me feel like I'm part of something that's truly making a difference. I have lost friends to Lupus, and I have other friends who are fighting it. I wanted to show up and show support."

Robertson says this event has given her a desire to become more involved with the Lupus Detroit organization through voluntary efforts.

Lupus Detroit was founded seven years ago by CEO, Sharon Harris, and continues to grow, making a greater impact in the community every year.

The organization offers emergency assistance to those diagnosed with Lupus, as well as grants for education, and an annual scholarship.

The event offered fun activities for all, including dancing, face painting, and raffles with great prizes.

To donate or learn more about warrior support meetings, visit