Local Group Makes Music To Heal Social Injustice

By Donna Robertson

A music video with a powerful message is making a statement on social media.  The video, featuring the song “All We need Is Love”, is from the Love Project CD, produced by native Detroiter, Big Huss, on Roxy Records.

Present racial tensions and conflict in the black community led Huss, along with Roxy Records president Alex Thomas, and a collaborative of artists to launch the musical project.

The video begins with music accompanying clips of several news reports on violence and injustice involving the community. It transitions into a powerful performance of various artists from diverse cultures promoting love and unity.

The completion of the CD was no small labor of love. Huss says the team of artists, musicians, and rappers spent 50-weeks not only recording, but having heart-to-heart discussions with one another about current social issues and their global impact.

“The times we live in is baffling”, said Huss. “A lot of things I don't really understand. I want to use my talent to reach as many people as I can with positivity”. Huss says this project is about more than just making music, but starting a movement.  “It’s about building up one another”, he stated. “I’m trying to save our youth.”  

Several community organizations have partnered with The Love Project as supporters. Artist have returned the generosity by becoming volunteers for many of the non-profits that are involved.

Roxy Records Vice President Venetia Lyons says she is excited about the fact that this project is bringing people together. 

“We all can come together and make a difference in our homes, communities, and in the world”, said Lyons.  Lyons adds that she would like to see different cultures dispel fear and mistrust by creating opportunities to meet, interact and to get to know one another.

“Music is a powerful tool to help get this done”, said Lyons. 

The Love Project will be launching their CD release event  June 16, 1 - 9 p.m. at at Thinkers Co-working & Loft, located at 14346 Jefferson Ave. The event is open to the public. CD sales will raise money for the Love Project II, a youth recording project.

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